Nothing but best wishes to the Red Warriors

The University of the East Red Warriors never failed to get a slot in the final four for the past 5 straight seasons of UAAP (2002-2007). But they’ve always settled in third place. Their last championship appearance was in 1990, defeated by DLSU Green Archers.

September 13 post-game interview of Coach Dindo Pumaren. Video uploaded in You Tube by inboundpass.

I guess they just got tired of pouring out tears at the end of each lost game. I saw them repeat the feat made by the UST Tigers in 1993, garnering the most winning games in a season. What a great moment to celebrate. No more disappointing twice to beat, beaten twice scenario. Gone all the way to the finals. But too early to close the entire Recto Avenue for a party. There’s still La Salle, Ateneo and UST who can snatch the title easily the moment the boys of UE become too relaxed.

I read a comment (and a response to that) in the forum posted after the Warriors’ remarkable 14 games sweep



gilgrissom quoting bmsrco028

Well said…I’m counting on Dindo Pumaren to constantly remind his players that they have not accomplished anything yet. I guess, with all his basketball experience he knows that topping the eliminations and being in the Finals is just half of what they can accomplish.

They should be wearing practice shirts like what the bulls wore before…something like “72-10 don’t mean a thing without the RING.” Read before that Phil Jackson liked that marketing idea to keep his players to focus on the championship…one of his favorites practice shirts.

How about me wearing a “14-0 don’t mean a thing without the RING” shirt in Araneta Coliseum?

Kudos Red Warriors. Continue what you have started. Keep the momentum high. Take your last games one at a time. Show them how all of you badly need it. End UE’s 21 years of drought at Season 70!


How I do it

I do it more often in the comfort room than anywhere else. Hold it right there. Before you perceive this to be something nasty, I’ll be straight forward. I’m referring to exercise. Weird huh? You might feel even stranger when I say there’s no enough space in our bathroom. No sit ups, just push ups on the wall with arms solely moving. Only standing positions incorporating the exercises we do after our flag ceremony in my first school. I feel conscious doing it in the living room and in the kitchen especially when my mother catches me. There’s nothing more comfortable inside the cr. I can’t believe I’m opening this up. But it does help. A short-time remedy to my ailing posture problem. It feels good every time I hear those popping sounds while stretching.

Going to the typical exercise you know, my last was in May. I made about 4 rounds of night jogging around the sunken garden of UP Diliman. I should’ve wear my rubber shoes at that time rather than flip flops. My slippers keep on slipping my feet, making me incapable of running freely.

Walking is the best. I usually walk all the way to our public market due to its proximity (an estimate of Farmers Plaza to Araneta Coliseum distance). Lucky me, I don’t have to waste 7 pesos for transpo except at times when I carry a heavy load. It indeed benefits both my health and pocket.

Britney not giving it all in the 2007 Video Music Awards

Britney did it again, um, not quite.

Britney’s opening act at the VMAs. She haven’t lost her touch yet. It’s just less energetic than her I’m a Slave 4 U in 2001 and Oops! I Did it Again/Can’t Get No (2000, her best for me).

It seems like everybody is expecting her to be her old self again after all the mess she went through. Easy people, it takes a while to recover from a depressing state. Open your narrow minds. There are girls out there who have done worst things other than her. Only they are not in the limelight same as Britney with life magnified big time by media.

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Wowowee! It’s the ASF girlees!!!

ASF dancers has been constantly hitting my search engine for quite sometime now. Hungry for anything ASF? I landed on Kris the Knight’s Ultimate Wowowee Page, and boy he got juicy stuff about Luningning and the rest of the group.

I bet Kris’ a big fan of them

I’ll be honest: I hate when people don’t know the names of any of the ASF, especially those who’ve been around since day one (I mean isn’t that part of the reason(s) why you watch the show?). Alright, so as a favor to all of you here’s a list of the ASF who appeared/are appearing in the ASF roster.

Oh and if there’s a new girl on the team and you happen to know her name, let me know.

Once again, get to know the ASF, get better acquainted, memorize their names and make them a part of your everyday lives. The quiz will not be open book.

Let’s start off with Milagring, Mariposa and Luningning…
Danna a.k.a MilagringRovie a.k.a MariposaLea a.k.a Luningning

Click to see more pictures of other ASF girl members

On M.E., Miguel Escueta


Miguel’s motto in life is “Vivite Somnia” (in Latin, Live your dreams). And he actually did.

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter caught my ears by his follow-up single, Isipin. Another LSS for me, craving to hear it on Magic 89.9. Lot of potential for this guy.

Miguel’s first video and official song, Falling Away

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