How I do it

I do it more often in the comfort room than anywhere else. Hold it right there. Before you perceive this to be something nasty, I’ll be straight forward. I’m referring to exercise. Weird huh? You might feel even stranger when I say there’s no enough space in our bathroom. No sit ups, just push ups on the wall with arms solely moving. Only standing positions incorporating the exercises we do after our flag ceremony in my first school. I feel conscious doing it in the living room and in the kitchen especially when my mother catches me. There’s nothing more comfortable inside the cr. I can’t believe I’m opening this up. But it does help. A short-time remedy to my ailing posture problem. It feels good every time I hear those popping sounds while stretching.

Going to the typical exercise you know, my last was in May. I made about 4 rounds of night jogging around the sunken garden of UP Diliman. I should’ve wear my rubber shoes at that time rather than flip flops. My slippers keep on slipping my feet, making me incapable of running freely.

Walking is the best. I usually walk all the way to our public market due to its proximity (an estimate of Farmers Plaza to Araneta Coliseum distance). Lucky me, I don’t have to waste 7 pesos for transpo except at times when I carry a heavy load. It indeed benefits both my health and pocket.


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