The Logic of Humor

A portion of my professor’s lecture in Philosophy 203 way back in college.

Sino ang pinakamahirap na tao? Ang bulag dahil walang kita. Sino naman ang mayamang tao? Ang duling dahil doble ang kita. At sino ang pinakamayamang tao sa lahat? Ang bold star dahil lahat ay kita.

One more,

Napkin manufacturers are crazy. They make napkins in order to make women dry, and men always would like to make them wet. Besides, women don’t like wings, they like the whole bird.


Dumbest sex/comedy flick I’ve seen

How the story goes? When accident hits your head, you become an instant sex addict! I only had few laughs on the start.

A Dirty Shame stars Tracy Ullman, Johnny Knoxville, and Selma Blair (the big chested biatch in the movie)

Watch the film clip with Sylvia Stickles (Ullman) dancing the Hokey Pokey (for ADULTS only)

Michael V. versus Tuesday Vargas

Two novelty songs tackling a closet queen and a real girl suspected as gay. Saw Bitoy’s (Michael V) video for the first time yesterday on MYX.

Hindi Ako Bakla – Michael V.

Had a hard time looking for the original version of this next video. Hope this one is ok.

Babae Po Ako – lipsync by The Kikis (what a name for a gay group) featuring Luis Manzano, popularized by Tuesday Vargas

Which one laugh your ass off?