An Ex-schoolmate on Artic Vodka Bikini Challenge 2008

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Aya (or Tara Labelle as her screen name), my former classmate in high school is sure making waves in modelling and beauty searches. I’ve seen her gracing the cover of Car Finder Philippines and was already featured in FHM Philippines.

Read this from my Friendster bulletin board and she needs your vote for this year’s Artic Vodka Bikini Challenge.

Bring AYA in the Top 12 by keying MY VOTE ARTIC AYA then send it to the following numbers: 2214 (Globe and TM), 2622 (Smart), and 2835 (Sun Cellular).

or VOTE for AYA online here:

For full details of the Artic Vodka Bikini Challenge 2008, just visit

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Selebrasyon at nakawan sa Disyembre uno

Sakay ng bus biyaheng Monumento / UE Letre, bumaba kami ng kaibigan kong si Kim sa MCU. Konti pa lang ang aming hakbang buhat sa pagkakababa ay…

“Magnanakaw!” Ang sigaw ng lalaking nakita ang panghahablot ng batang lalaki ng hikaw ng isang babae. Ayun kumaripas na ng takbo ang bata dala ang na-snatch.

Nauna pang mag-react ang lalaki. Sinalat muna ng babae ang kanyang tenga bago tuluyang napagtantong nabawasan siya ng alahas. Walang nagmagandang loob upang habulin ang batang lansangan. WALANG POLICE VISIBILITY SA MISMONG LUGAR.


First time ko nung araw na yun magdala ng cellphone na may video-capture feature. Ngunit mabilis ang pangyayari kaya hindi ko nagawang kuhanan ng video. Baka ako naman ang mabiktima kung maglalabas ako ng cellphone. Nagmamadali pa kaming pumunta ni Kim sa isang salu-salo.

sina Astrid at Kim

Narito ang kaganapan sa house party na aking dinaluhan.

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Wandering at Power Plant Makati

Just when I thought there’s no more free stuff inside malls. I stopped by Team Manila’s branch at Rockwell and look what I got, a yocard postcard.

The next is worth posting. Click the back part of the second post card to read the details of World Vision charity project. If you are generous enough and interested in helping a Filipino child, contact World Vision now. It’s the best Christmas gift you can give to the less fortunate children.

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How I do it

I do it more often in the comfort room than anywhere else. Hold it right there. Before you perceive this to be something nasty, I’ll be straight forward. I’m referring to exercise. Weird huh? You might feel even stranger when I say there’s no enough space in our bathroom. No sit ups, just push ups on the wall with arms solely moving. Only standing positions incorporating the exercises we do after our flag ceremony in my first school. I feel conscious doing it in the living room and in the kitchen especially when my mother catches me. There’s nothing more comfortable inside the cr. I can’t believe I’m opening this up. But it does help. A short-time remedy to my ailing posture problem. It feels good every time I hear those popping sounds while stretching.

Going to the typical exercise you know, my last was in May. I made about 4 rounds of night jogging around the sunken garden of UP Diliman. I should’ve wear my rubber shoes at that time rather than flip flops. My slippers keep on slipping my feet, making me incapable of running freely.

Walking is the best. I usually walk all the way to our public market due to its proximity (an estimate of Farmers Plaza to Araneta Coliseum distance). Lucky me, I don’t have to waste 7 pesos for transpo except at times when I carry a heavy load. It indeed benefits both my health and pocket.

Online semi-break; Love Today and Relax of Mika

I wasn’t very active online for the past two weeks as my PC is down. I only checked emails and sites every other day in a computer shop for updates.

Remember the $100 I received from Aubrey? It almost went to the upgrading of my computer. Now I don’t know where to get budget for my business. For the meantime, here are two infectious and upbeat music from London-based rocker Mika to ease everything I’ve been feeling right now.

Love this Relax video. Very colorful and lively like the song.

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Time to write 8 Random Things About Me

Is meme some kind of a chain letter that if not passed, will bring bad luck? lolz. I don’t know who started this but amma continue the curse haha… Blame Chuckie (one down).

1. I am fond of eating spicy foods, sea foods and veggies.
2. I no longer drink Coke, Pepsi or any similar beverage mainly for health reason.
3. I don’t put on shades and caps because I don’t find myself good-looking wearing it.
4. I’m addicted to Carbonara.
5. I’ve been to Ilocos Norte several times but never explore the beauty of the place. My family only visits the province whenever a relative died or someone is about to get married and for a summer vacation.
6. I seldom use perfume (don’t worry, I remain to smell good even without it). When I do, I like using Cool Water.
7. I once had a crush on Vina Morales during my childhood. I keep a picture of her in my wallet at that time.
8. My first dog’s name was Turbo (named him after my toy car).

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First 100 dollar bill on hand

The last time I received a dollar was from my relatives in the States, when I’m still in elementary. I kept it in my long and bulky alkansiya (not the usual piggy bank) with Popeye designs in it then later spent it for my birthday or bought something I wanted. Me and my sisters don’t always get a high value dollar bill, just a separate pieces of $1.

Monday was Aubrey’s turn. It was so fast! We’re just talking about it last week on the phone. It’s suppose to be a loan for my business (which will be announced here as soon as everything is set) but she gave it to me instead as a price for being good (hehe that’s from my sister).

Not my actual 100 bucks!

My other first was converting the dollar to peso in a money changer. There are 3 in a public market near our house. I went back and forth in two money changers to make sure I won’t get fooled. I’m sure the lady noticed I’m a first timer when it comes to this. I bought a half gallon of Strawberry flavored Selecta ice cream as requested by my mother after swapping the money.

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