Britney not giving it all in the 2007 Video Music Awards

Britney did it again, um, not quite.

Britney’s opening act at the VMAs. She haven’t lost her touch yet. It’s just less energetic than her I’m a Slave 4 U in 2001 and Oops! I Did it Again/Can’t Get No (2000, her best for me).

It seems like everybody is expecting her to be her old self again after all the mess she went through. Easy people, it takes a while to recover from a depressing state. Open your narrow minds. There are girls out there who have done worst things other than her. Only they are not in the limelight same as Britney with life magnified big time by media.

I found a lot of leaked singles of Britney on YouTube. In case you’re a Britney fan or plain curious how it sounds, there’s more to listen in the site. What puts me in the groove is “Sippin’ on”. Some songs won’t come out in her coming album.

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  1. hey just popping in to comment – nice site btw! I agree she still hasn’t lost her touch (can’t get enough of her song hehe) but her performance was indeed lackluster. Can’t blame her though, after her failed marriage(and now, she lost custody of her children), I didn’t really expect her to perform that well.

  2. thanks for ur visit ven. il read b reading ur blog too

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