Britney not giving it all in the 2007 Video Music Awards

Britney did it again, um, not quite.

Britney’s opening act at the VMAs. She haven’t lost her touch yet. It’s just less energetic than her I’m a Slave 4 U in 2001 and Oops! I Did it Again/Can’t Get No (2000, her best for me).

It seems like everybody is expecting her to be her old self again after all the mess she went through. Easy people, it takes a while to recover from a depressing state. Open your narrow minds. There are girls out there who have done worst things other than her. Only they are not in the limelight same as Britney with life magnified big time by media.

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On M.E., Miguel Escueta


Miguel’s motto in life is “Vivite Somnia” (in Latin, Live your dreams). And he actually did.

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter caught my ears by his follow-up single, Isipin. Another LSS for me, craving to hear it on Magic 89.9. Lot of potential for this guy.

Miguel’s first video and official song, Falling Away

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Calling all Pinoy unsigned artists / independent bands

If you’re searching for a venue for your music to reach wider audience, then this is your chance.

Last January, an online buddy of mine launched an Original Pilipino Music site mainly to help independent / unsigned artists establish online presence. is a social network where Pinoy artists and fans can get together. Artists can upload their music and have full control. This means you choose if your music can be downloaded or only streamed. Users can create play lists and embed them on their Friendster, Multiply or Myspace page. Add other users as friends, add videos of your performances and soon to come – blogs!

My friend plans of reformatting the site, giving more information about the people behind OPM and serve as an advocate for the industry’s fight against piracy. For him to pursue this, he is still looking for interested parties who want to participate. Visit and start uploading those original songs now!

Mabuhay ang Musikang Pilipino!

Online semi-break; Love Today and Relax of Mika

I wasn’t very active online for the past two weeks as my PC is down. I only checked emails and sites every other day in a computer shop for updates.

Remember the $100 I received from Aubrey? It almost went to the upgrading of my computer. Now I don’t know where to get budget for my business. For the meantime, here are two infectious and upbeat music from London-based rocker Mika to ease everything I’ve been feeling right now.

Love this Relax video. Very colorful and lively like the song.

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Rivermaya’s post-Rico Blanco song

Japs Sergio, the bassist, sang the lyrics of “Sayang” which was exclusively launched on NU 107 last June 25.

It’s a whole new sound for the band and I will be expecting for more refreshing songs from Rivermaya in the future.

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Guilty pleasure: Listening to Toni Gonzaga’s Catch Me I’m Fallin

Toni’s face, to me, is not well-defined. This may be the reason why I don’t easily get tired of seeing her and until now, can’t resist noticing her presence.

I’m not a fan of her but I get to see her appearances once in a while. The last one I saw was her You Got Me movie with Zanjoe Marudo and Sam Milby. Here you can see the action star side of Toni. She did execute the stunts very well (or her stunt double?) and her portrayal good enough for me to finish the entire film.

Here’s Catch Me I’m Fallin. Great vocals. It just repeats over and over in my mind. I like the song, not the video. We need to improve something in our music video making. They have to realize that shooting it in a set with the artist singing in different made-up backdrops doesn’t work always.

Experience Fuchsia Love from Silent Sanctuary

Another band continuing to make Original Pilipino Music alive and rockin.

Hear the boys of Silent Sanctuary speak in their mother tongue (Filipino) before listening to their music.

Cuts from their present album “Fuchsiang Pag-ibig”

Ikaw Lamang, shot in a campus at Cavite
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