Guilty pleasure: Listening to Toni Gonzaga’s Catch Me I’m Fallin

Toni’s face, to me, is not well-defined. This may be the reason why I don’t easily get tired of seeing her and until now, can’t resist noticing her presence.

I’m not a fan of her but I get to see her appearances once in a while. The last one I saw was her You Got Me movie with Zanjoe Marudo and Sam Milby. Here you can see the action star side of Toni. She did execute the stunts very well (or her stunt double?) and her portrayal good enough for me to finish the entire film.

Here’s Catch Me I’m Fallin. Great vocals. It just repeats over and over in my mind. I like the song, not the video. We need to improve something in our music video making. They have to realize that shooting it in a set with the artist singing in different made-up backdrops doesn’t work always.


Dumbest sex/comedy flick I’ve seen

How the story goes? When accident hits your head, you become an instant sex addict! I only had few laughs on the start.

A Dirty Shame stars Tracy Ullman, Johnny Knoxville, and Selma Blair (the big chested biatch in the movie)

Watch the film clip with Sylvia Stickles (Ullman) dancing the Hokey Pokey (for ADULTS only)

Earlier play date for Spider-Man 3 in the Philippines

Now this is what you call a GOOD NEWS!

Image from the Official Spider-Man 3 Movie Blog

Coming from Columbia Pictures Philippines’ General Manager Victor R. Cabrera, Filipinos can already watch the sequel in May 1 (Tuesday, Manila time), three days earlier than U.S.’s May 4 opening. We’re the first (together with China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and some parts of Europe) to take a peek once again of Spidey.

New full length Spider-Man 3 trailer can be seen here

41 more days before Spiderman 3 hits the big screen

Can’t wait to see it in theatre on May 4th.

Outdoor Art from Spider-Man 3 Official Movie Blog

For latest updates of the movie, visit the Spider-Man 3 Official Movie Blog.


Director / Writer: Byron Bryant
Cast: Ronnie Lazaro, Pen Medina, Elizabeth Oropesa

I’ve been renting VCDs at Video City lately. Need some inspiration for my future plan.

Thought the theme was simple- issues encountered by the people living in a barrio and how they were connected by a videoke machine. Until it went hardcore in the second CD because of their demonstration against quarrying operation.

I’m not a film expert, but how come Baryoke won Best Cinematography in Cinemalaya when some scenes are not very visible?

Did I say the director finished Electronics and Communication Engineering at the university where i graduated?