An Ex-schoolmate on Artic Vodka Bikini Challenge 2008

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Aya (or Tara Labelle as her screen name), my former classmate in high school is sure making waves in modelling and beauty searches. I’ve seen her gracing the cover of Car Finder Philippines and was already featured in FHM Philippines.

Read this from my Friendster bulletin board and she needs your vote for this year’s Artic Vodka Bikini Challenge.

Bring AYA in the Top 12 by keying MY VOTE ARTIC AYA then send it to the following numbers: 2214 (Globe and TM), 2622 (Smart), and 2835 (Sun Cellular).

or VOTE for AYA online here:

For full details of the Artic Vodka Bikini Challenge 2008, just visit

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Luningning Friendster account found

I’m not a Luningning fan but I opt to continue writing (yes, more to come) any interesting info related to noontime shows for the benefit of my visitors.

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A link from ABS-CBN Forums led me to Luningning’s Friendster account. I’m not pretty sure if it’s really her. We all know anyone can pretend to be someone in Friendster but if you want to add her, go ahead. Her name there is Lea Carla Santos.

Is there any truth in the thread saying that Luningning is gay or transvestite?

Some believe,

positive mga tol!!! my tropa told me na bading si Luningning
tropa ko kasi nag wwork siya sa Wowowee as back up dancers….

…and some don’t.

tutuo naman pong babae cya eh nakita ko po sa [rated K]

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Britney not giving it all in the 2007 Video Music Awards

Britney did it again, um, not quite.

Britney’s opening act at the VMAs. She haven’t lost her touch yet. It’s just less energetic than her I’m a Slave 4 U in 2001 and Oops! I Did it Again/Can’t Get No (2000, her best for me).

It seems like everybody is expecting her to be her old self again after all the mess she went through. Easy people, it takes a while to recover from a depressing state. Open your narrow minds. There are girls out there who have done worst things other than her. Only they are not in the limelight same as Britney with life magnified big time by media.

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Wowowee! It’s the ASF girlees!!!

ASF dancers has been constantly hitting my search engine for quite sometime now. Hungry for anything ASF? I landed on Kris the Knight’s Ultimate Wowowee Page, and boy he got juicy stuff about Luningning and the rest of the group.

I bet Kris’ a big fan of them

I’ll be honest: I hate when people don’t know the names of any of the ASF, especially those who’ve been around since day one (I mean isn’t that part of the reason(s) why you watch the show?). Alright, so as a favor to all of you here’s a list of the ASF who appeared/are appearing in the ASF roster.

Oh and if there’s a new girl on the team and you happen to know her name, let me know.

Once again, get to know the ASF, get better acquainted, memorize their names and make them a part of your everyday lives. The quiz will not be open book.

Let’s start off with Milagring, Mariposa and Luningning…
Danna a.k.a MilagringRovie a.k.a MariposaLea a.k.a Luningning

Click to see more pictures of other ASF girl members

Noontime appetizers: Sex Bomb Girls, EB Babes and Luningning

Other than the cash prizes at stake, will you continue to patronize Wowowee and Eat Bulaga without seeing them around gyrating their flexible bodies?

Aside from Luningning, other members of ASF dancers are also beginning to be known. Like Milagring and Mariposa.

Click for the girls of Sex Bomb and EB Babes

Guilty pleasure: Listening to Toni Gonzaga’s Catch Me I’m Fallin

Toni’s face, to me, is not well-defined. This may be the reason why I don’t easily get tired of seeing her and until now, can’t resist noticing her presence.

I’m not a fan of her but I get to see her appearances once in a while. The last one I saw was her You Got Me movie with Zanjoe Marudo and Sam Milby. Here you can see the action star side of Toni. She did execute the stunts very well (or her stunt double?) and her portrayal good enough for me to finish the entire film.

Here’s Catch Me I’m Fallin. Great vocals. It just repeats over and over in my mind. I like the song, not the video. We need to improve something in our music video making. They have to realize that shooting it in a set with the artist singing in different made-up backdrops doesn’t work always.

Wendy Valdez pictures in Friendster


Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 is over and yet Wendy is still a hot item. To give you an idea how popular she is, I searched her name in Friendster and over hundred results came out. It’s the accounts of Wendy fans, posers, haters and people who happen to have the same name like hers.

Atleast one is honest,

di po ako ung Wendy VALDEz na nasa PBB,,isa lng po akong ordinaring tao na nagkataon ay kapangalan at kasurname ko xa, aun lngpoh….=D

I’m tired seeing any of Wendy’s shots connected to PBB. Showing you now is her pictures prior to the reality show (not sure if the others were taken after PBB wrapped up).

Click for more Wendy Valdez Photos in Friendster