X-High school classmates gone hotter!

FYI: The following girls are with substance and not like some air-head biatch.

One of the brightest in our batch. She already posed sexy for a magazine and surprisingly, appeared in ABS-CBN shows: first in Homeboy by the name Tara Labelle disclosing her sleeping problem, and last eyed dancing in daring outfit in the axed sitcom Okay Fine Whatever.

Alma’s studio shot with Edgar dela Cuesta Photography credit before I had it omitted

Not sure if these were published in FHM

Became a Cadet’s Army Training officer and hailed Ms.Senior in our Juniors-Seniors Prom. Active in extra-curricular activities. She now joins University of the East Dance Troupe in its international tours.

Mae in Puerto Galera

Mae with the dance troupe. Guess where she is…

Mae along with Alma in our class picture

All photos except for class pic taken from the girls’ Friendster accounts.



  1. keep going… this is nice. keep us updated.

  2. that model came out of your highschool class? lucky…

  3. yap harvey. hard to believe, even to me because i never expected her to turn this hot, but true

  4. […] (or Tara Labelle as her screen name), my former classmate in high school is sure making waves in modelling and […]

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