A touching response from my blog reader

Bothered by Liway’s feedback on my article “Writing the Destiny” filed under my Features section, I initiated texting her thru the number she stated along with her comment. Her name is actually Gloria, a Community Development Worker for Department of Social Welfare and Development’s KALAHI Project. She’s assigned in Olutanga Island in Zamboanga Sibugay Province.

This particular reply struck me and inspired me to continue writing:

“I read ur article last wek, alam m, may mararating ka, iba din style ng writing m…I’m thankful din pla sa article m, u know, I had 8 print, 4 my child’s fu2re refernce about hs father. Kahit papaano, mkilala nya ang kanyang father thru ur article. padayon…”

I’m glad to help Gloria to reconnect her with someone who became a part of her life even if it’s just a write-up.


New Music: Closer by Travis

A single from the band’s forthcoming album The Boy With No Name.

Closer Live
Click to watch the older video of Travis

My online peek inside the Ayala mall at North Edsa

Didn’t know Triangle North of Manila (Trinoma) opened the day I watched Spider Man 3 at SM City. Well-lighted place, looking at the facade while on my way home, with inviting loud music.
I was wrong thinking it has more parking space than the actual mall. I commend anton.blogs.com and rdyent.multiply.com for posting pictures of Trinoma in their blogs.

For first-hand experiences of people who already went there, read Anton’s comments section. Shops and food establishments are listed as well.

Some of the interior shots of Trinoma

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Dumbest sex/comedy flick I’ve seen

How the story goes? When accident hits your head, you become an instant sex addict! I only had few laughs on the start.

A Dirty Shame stars Tracy Ullman, Johnny Knoxville, and Selma Blair (the big chested biatch in the movie)

Watch the film clip with Sylvia Stickles (Ullman) dancing the Hokey Pokey (for ADULTS only)

Michael V. versus Tuesday Vargas

Two novelty songs tackling a closet queen and a real girl suspected as gay. Saw Bitoy’s (Michael V) video for the first time yesterday on MYX.

Hindi Ako Bakla – Michael V.

Had a hard time looking for the original version of this next video. Hope this one is ok.

Babae Po Ako – lipsync by The Kikis (what a name for a gay group) featuring Luis Manzano, popularized by Tuesday Vargas

Which one laugh your ass off?

2007 Philippine Election scenes: What’s inside the ballot box?

TV reporters usually gives live update on their respective location. Watching Hatol ng Bayan, the joint election coverage of government’s stations in the Philippines (NBN 4, RPN 9 and IBC 13), a certain correspondent from Cavite irked me a little.

So okay, I understand ballot boxes were found near a place where the actual canvassing will take place. Both lawyers of the candidates agreed to open the boxes. Boxes, opened. But the VTR was cut short and the reporter continue to finish his spiels.

The program anchor asks, “so what’s inside the ballot boxes?”
The reporter tells the whole report again.
Anchor interrupts, “I overheard its the 2004 election returns. What’s inside the box?”
Anchor’s question confirmed directly by the reporter it was the election returns of 2004.

I’m guilty of it. Giving a different response to a question or not being straightforward. Sometimes we just can’t help it.

The guy’s timing is bad. Maybe he was not properly cued. He also buckles (am I using the right word?). He reminds me of Michael Fajatin of GMA 7 in SAKSI.

Pinays’ cat fight in this year’s Ms. Universe

As the product promotions here in the Philippines says, more entries, more chances of winning!

Images from missuniverse.com.

All with Filipino blood. Left, right and bottom: Ms. Philippines Anna Theresa Licaros, Ms. Norway Kirby Ann Basken (also the reigning Miss Mutya ng Pilipinas), and 19-year-old Ms. Germany Angelina Glass.

Licaros doesn’t know how to flirt with the camera while Basken and Glass totally looks different in their other photos.

Co-hosting the event is another Filipina, Vanessa Minillo.

See Basken and Glass related posts at starmometer.com.