Wandering at Power Plant Makati

Just when I thought there’s no more free stuff inside malls. I stopped by Team Manila’s branch at Rockwell and look what I got, a yocard postcard.

The next is worth posting. Click the back part of the second post card to read the details of World Vision charity project. If you are generous enough and interested in helping a Filipino child, contact World Vision now. It’s the best Christmas gift you can give to the less fortunate children.

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  1. Nice blog! Funny we have the same nickname, mine’s Dayo. I hate it when people still call me Dayunyor, I’m 6′ 2″ and 220lbs, it makes it sound like I’m tiny.

  2. Abad, tukayo, glad to know that. wow, your too big to be called dayunyor hehehe. we have different size though

  3. Oh ghawd!!!!moe, mojo and andi!!my fave djs in town!!!!damn!!cant get enough of them on the radio!!!yeah!!thanks for the posting.!!!they are all crazy!

  4. maldito, its been a roller coaster ride for the show and its djs as wel last yr. forbidden questions became controversial, andi resigned, maui came in then left aftr a fight wid moe, andi came back and then resigned again, ths time for good 😦 shes replaced now by grace. minsan na lang ako ngyon kung mag-tune in

  5. huh?why?i haven’t tuned in lately because i was transferred to another shift….but thanks for the news…its been too long i haven’t hear them…moe is my idol! forbidden question has always been controversial..ahhee

  6. kung hindi ako nagkakamali andi quitted to concentrate on being an MTV vj. moe is rude pero minsan bait din. sa call center ka siguro no?

  7. oops, too late for world vision but not too late to read your chikahan with maldito, hehehe

  8. lolz. u listen to goodtimes din ba kengkay? kailangan ko na talga mag-update dito. kasi dun muna ko sa pouroutboy.com madalas e. tapos nagloloko pa yung monitor ko 😦

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