Rising Pinoy Soul Music Artist: Sino Sikat

First heard the group (can’t exactly say “saw” because my eyes are near-sighted. I can only see the silhouette of Kat Agarrado [vocals], Nick Azarcon [guitars], Reli de Vera [drums] and Nikki Cabardo [keyboard]) perform live at the Indie Festival at Le Pavillion in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City last December of 2005. They sang “Akin Ka”.

Who’s getting more popular nowadays? Definitely it’s Sino Sikat. Support Original Pilipino Music! Their full-length debut album is out now. The songs in the following videos are included in their released CD.

So Blue (To vote this in NU 107’s countdown, Stairway to Seven, send NUVOTE SO BLUE to 29107)

Click to watch another Sino Sikat video, Turning My Safety Off


New Music: Closer by Travis

A single from the band’s forthcoming album The Boy With No Name.

Closer Live
Click to watch the older video of Travis

That Epson Stylus CX2900!

Another addition to the things i call the product of my sweat and blood.

Finally, I bought it after fixing some issues regarding my ATM card at the Metrobank! BTW, I’m not happy with how the lady in the bank treated me. She was unapproachable and obviously irritated answering my questions. Makes me wanna say “Sorry, I don’t go to banks. Neither do I know any bank procedures that’s why I’m asking”. She also keeps on calling me “kuya” (translated as old brother in Filipino).

Back to my new possession. It’s 3-in-1. You can use it as a scanner, printer and copier. Best for my business and personal use. I tried scanning and the result so far is OK.

Learn more about the product at epson.com.ph.

Reality, Drama and Comedy in Super Rookie

The only Koreanovela or TV show im watching at the moment without forcing myself to like it.

There’s something in this series that made me a follower. Its funny at times even if it doesn’t intends to make you laugh and the scene’s mood is serious. Definitely won’t bore you.

Super Rookie, dubbed in Filipino language, airs on QTV Channel 11 every Saturday and Sunday, 1pm.

Take a peek at some Super Rookie’s episodes

Take a “solo trip” with Kapatid band’s latest music

I’m currently whistling the intro of Kapatid‘s new song, Luha, from their sophomore album of the same title. This is the way an alternative song should sounds like. Another addition to my favorites.

image from www.tekarats.com

Their official website, kapatidband.com, is not updated. For now, you can try kapatid.rakista.com, kapatid.multiply.com, Kapatid’s Yahoo group account and geocities.com/rockmanila/kapatid. Other links about the band and gig skeds can be found there.

Luha (Live) – Kapatid

Make it number 1 in NU 107’s daily countdown “Stairway to 7”! Key in VOTELUHA then send it to 29107. To find out how the song is doing, listen every Monday to Saturday from 5 to 6 pm.

A Catchy Jologs Hip-Hop Song

I first heard Gagong Rapper‘s “Kabet” while inside the jeep and I admit, I got LSS (Last Song Syndrome) with the song. I guess its because of the melody.

Kabet was sung in the early part of the video

Kabet is a Filipino slang which means a mistress, number two, the other girl, or kulasisi.

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Myheritage.com says I don’t look like Lou Diamond Phillips

Who cares? Either I don’t think so.

I checked Myheritage.com after seeing their celebrity collage in the profile of one of my friends in Friendster. It lets you know your celebrity look-a-like when you sign up and upload your picture in the face recognition section.

Never heard

Yuen Biao 68%, Kim Tae Hee 67%

Close, but not quite

Yao Ming 62%, Billie Joe Armstrong 62%, Chow Yun-Fat 58%, Justin Timberlake 56%, Johnny Knoxville 56%

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