On M.E., Miguel Escueta

Photo: yehey.com

Miguel’s motto in life is “Vivite Somnia” (in Latin, Live your dreams). And he actually did.

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter caught my ears by his follow-up single, Isipin. Another LSS for me, craving to hear it on Magic 89.9. Lot of potential for this guy.

Miguel’s first video and official song, Falling Away

Acoustic version of Isipin

All this time I thought the Rivermaya drummer (Mark Escueta) already turned solo. I had it confirmed.

A friend (Denise) in his Myspace account clipped this picture along with her comment. Mark at the extreme right, beside Migs.

A member of Rivermaya yahoo group asked,

kaano-ano ba ni kuya mark yng bagong singer named miguel

Mark answered,

Ah si Miguel Escueta…. nag agree nalang kami na magpinsan kami, pero parang
distant relatives na yata talaga kami. Sabi ko sa kanya ‘Pareho naman tayong musikero eh, kaya magpinsan nalang tayo’, hehe. Check niyo rin album niya, magaling yon 🙂

And so as Miguel in a chat event by Yehey.com.

mark is my far far away cousin

Even before Miguel’s debut CD under MCA Music, I am M.E., was released last May, he already got nominated for Best New Male Recording Artist in the 2005 Awit Awards for his cover of Lennon/McCartney classic, “Let It Be”. The song won him first runner-up in Magic 89.9’s Acoustic Break competition in 2003.

At his early success in music, he chose to pursue his Business Management in Communications Technology degree at the Ateneo de Manila University where he also played basketball. Miguel made a comeback after his graduation in 2006.

Join him on miguelescueta_music@yahoogroups.com.

Here’s some transcript of Miguel Escueta chat event from Yehey.com

[15:25] Good afternoon guys, please welcome our guest for today, Miguel Escueta!
[15:27] To start off, a question from vagabond_naDC:
[15:27] wat are his influences,wat types of guitar genre he likes.
[15:28] my major influences would be Chris Martin of Coldplay, Jason Wade of Lifehouse, Chris Carraba of Dashboard Confessional and John Mayer
[15:28] from avian, sir pao patanong naman how did his career begun?
[15:29] i was singing and performing already back in High School
[15:29] i did things a bit more seriously in college when the acoustic trend came in
[15:30] all of that was really just for fun because i really enjoy performing
[15:36] from yummytummy: available? bakit naman sa cute mong yan?
[15:37] i got out of a relationship last june 2006, so i’ve been single for a year
[15:37] after that relationship, i promised that i’d stay single for the whole of 2007. hehehe
[15:38] from potpot: wen did u start playing guitar and singing?
[15:39] i singing and playing the guitar regularly in 1999. I was a freshman in high school back then
[15:49] from sunshine: plans of entering showbiz?
[15:50] no. i will surely stick to music.
[15:51] from leila: ano sa tingin mo ang uniqueness mo from other singers?
[15:52] im not so sure how im unique.. but im very particular about my lyrics, because i believe that is the soul of the song
[15:52] and i hope that somwhat sets me apart
[15:56] from anne14, paki ask naman if what he’s fave song sa coldplay??
[15:56] the scientist!!!
[15:59] from kristine_miguel: pakiask naman kung pinsan niya si olsen raceka ng smb
[15:59] yup! Olsen is my 1st cousin 🙂 close kami nun! hehehe
[16:00] from leila: Who is ur dream date =)
[16:00] Eva Longoria or Charlize Theron :p
[16:01] from famous_power: ginebra or san miguel or alaska ?
[16:01] SMB all the way!
[16:02] from douglasracso: ano ginagawa mo pag hindi ka nagpeperform or pag ala kang gig
[16:03] what song? it would really depend
[16:04] when i dont perform, i rest, go to the gym, play basketball, watch DVDs.
[16:04] etc…
[16:05] from crush: sorry late ako sa discussions… na-ask na ba what books he reads? what’s his most favorite book?
[16:05] i always read two books at a time
[16:05] one fiction, and one on management or marketing
[16:05] i try my best to read so as to keep my intellectual faculties stimulated
[16:06] i’m currently a fiction novel by Neil Gaman – “American Gods”
[16:07] my favorite management / marketing books would be “Positioning”, “Purple Cow” and “The Tipping Point”
[16:07] from js_thomas02: What is your favorite movie of all time and why?
[16:07] Batman Begins
[16:07] from leila: pakidugtungan crush : If I will be a superhero I am __________, If I own the world I will _____________, If I have 1 hour left to live I will go to ___________
[16:08] Clark Kent / Superman
[16:08] or maybe Peter Petrelli of Heroes
[16:08] hehehe
[16:09] eliminate Poverty
[16:09] the church and pray
[16:10] from smallako, any other instruments na tinutugtog mo bukod sa guitar?
[16:10] Yup. Piano 🙂
[16:12] from nayceeh: 4 sa family niyo ba ikaw lang po ang mahilig sa music
[16:12] lahat kami mahilig sa music sa family 🙂
[16:13] from leila: your fave color is blue? How can You describe it into a blind man
[16:15] Do you have a “ritual” before performing on-stage?
[16:16] warming up my voice / vocalizing
[16:16] from smallako: kelan birthday mo? reregaluhan kita papa..anu gs2 mo?
[16:17] May 6 🙂
[16:17] from douglasracso: ano favorite mong tv series?
[16:17] Heroes and One Tree Hil
[16:18] from famous_power: kapuso or kapamilya ?
[16:18] pareho!
[16:19] from nayceeh: 01may upcoming album ka na ba ulit
[16:20] wala pa, baka sa 2009
[16:21] from crush: what’s the craziest thing you’ve done in your life?
[16:22] give up a marketing job in a multinational company to pursue Music as a career :p
[16:22] from js_thomas02: What’s your favorite subject matter to sing about or hear songs about?
[16:22] Turning Points in Life 🙂
[16:22] from crush: who’s your favorite heroine in HEROES?
[16:22] Nikki! She’s HOTT!
[16:23] from douglasracso: ano fave mong lifehouse song?
[16:23] “Everything”
[16:23] from crush: any weird/strange experiences with fans that you can share?
[16:24] a gay person went up on stage while i was performing and kissed me on the cheek
[16:24] from smallako: anu fave mong line sa song mong “falling away”? and y?
[16:25] “please bend for me, even just a bit.. can’t you see that i am already broken”
[16:32] from douglasracso: ano fave mong song sa album mo?
[16:32] lahat! :p
[16:32] each song is special to me
[16:33] from joza: bukod sa basketball, ano pang sports ang nasubukan or gusto mong subukan?
[16:34] i also like soccer, flag football and hockey
[16:34] san ka nag highschool? xavier? lsgh?
[16:34] Southridge School


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