Why I’m not voting in May elections

Photo: http://indymedia.org/pt/feature/archive56.shtml

Reasons why I’m not participating in the coming elections:

1. I’m not a registered voter. And I think will never be. Unless something good will change my mind.
2. It’s my right to vote. But It’s also my prerogative to decide not to.
3. Filipinos (including myself) know how dirty politics is in the Philippines. So much mud slinging, scandals, kampihan, balimbingan, etc.
4. I believe that we don’t need a leader to make the country better. Initiative should start from us, and in the lowest units of the society.
5. Not interested in doing the whole voting process. I’d rather leave my vote NOT to hands of the FLYING or GHOST VOTERS, but to those who are really serious voters.


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