Time to write 8 Random Things About Me

Is meme some kind of a chain letter that if not passed, will bring bad luck? lolz. I don’t know who started this but amma continue the curse haha… Blame Chuckie (one down).

1. I am fond of eating spicy foods, sea foods and veggies.
2. I no longer drink Coke, Pepsi or any similar beverage mainly for health reason.
3. I don’t put on shades and caps because I don’t find myself good-looking wearing it.
4. I’m addicted to Carbonara.
5. I’ve been to Ilocos Norte several times but never explore the beauty of the place. My family only visits the province whenever a relative died or someone is about to get married and for a summer vacation.
6. I seldom use perfume (don’t worry, I remain to smell good even without it). When I do, I like using Cool Water.
7. I once had a crush on Vina Morales during my childhood. I keep a picture of her in my wallet at that time.
8. My first dog’s name was Turbo (named him after my toy car).

Tagging Obet, Tere, and Limp.



  1. me too! adik ako sa carbonara esp yung tinda ng ka-opis ko..ansarap! mmmmm….

    VINA??! oh well…hate ko sya dati kase inagaw nya si keempee kay mane! hahahah

  2. siguro nagustuhan ko lang si Vina dati kasi lagi ko syang nakikita sa tv. mganda pa rin naman sya hanggang ngayon a

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