First 100 dollar bill on hand

The last time I received a dollar was from my relatives in the States, when I’m still in elementary. I kept it in my long and bulky alkansiya (not the usual piggy bank) with Popeye designs in it then later spent it for my birthday or bought something I wanted. Me and my sisters don’t always get a high value dollar bill, just a separate pieces of $1.

Monday was Aubrey’s turn. It was so fast! We’re just talking about it last week on the phone. It’s suppose to be a loan for my business (which will be announced here as soon as everything is set) but she gave it to me instead as a price for being good (hehe that’s from my sister).

Not my actual 100 bucks!

My other first was converting the dollar to peso in a money changer. There are 3 in a public market near our house. I went back and forth in two money changers to make sure I won’t get fooled. I’m sure the lady noticed I’m a first timer when it comes to this. I bought a half gallon of Strawberry flavored Selecta ice cream as requested by my mother after swapping the money.

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  1. strawberry flavored selecta ice cream.. i’m going hungry already..

  2. yeah, my favorite aside from cookies and cream

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