Cueshe review before I found them unlikable

Now they suck. Their musical greatness just deteriorated over the past two years. If you’re an artist, don’t do it for the masses or record companies. Experiment. Reinvent. Do it for the love of making music and not for album sales.

(First published in Friendster by dayunyor on August 7, 2005)

Cueshé’s Half Empty, Half Full

Subsequent to the emergence of South Border and Freestyle comes another addition to the roster of discovered artists down south. Cueshé’s (pronounced as q-shay) career jumpstarted in Cebu doing several gigs around Visayas and Mindanao until they decided to penetrate the metropolis’ music scene.

Originally named as Green Horn, the band formed during the late 90s with its remaining members Michael Manaloto on drums, lead guitarist Jovan Mabini, and bassist Fritz Labrado. It later became Cueshé in 2000, derived from their post-rehearsal craving banana cue and former “she” vocalist Dhee Francisco. Jay Justiniani (vocals) joined the group after meeting their manager while Jhunjie Dosdos (keyboards) is acquainted with Fritz. Completing the line up after auditioning is Ruben Caballero (vocals and guitar).

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