Reality, Drama and Comedy in Super Rookie

The only Koreanovela or TV show im watching at the moment without forcing myself to like it.

There’s something in this series that made me a follower. Its funny at times even if it doesn’t intends to make you laugh and the scene’s mood is serious. Definitely won’t bore you.

Super Rookie, dubbed in Filipino language, airs on QTV Channel 11 every Saturday and Sunday, 1pm.

Episode 5

Episode 14 – Rico (or Eric) day dreaming



  1. hey, love truly is really adorable too…especially lee min-ki…try watching it…: )

  2. so sad the last epsiode airs today. is lee min-ki the name of eric’s leading lady?

  3. Han Ga In is the name of the girl lead. A real beauty.

    I have seen this drama a little over a year ago, and I must say that Eric is so superb in this series, so flexible and undeniably adorable.

    I didn’t know that it’s showing on QTV. Makapanood nga minsan.

  4. Hi Silencia. Super Rookie ended last May 27 on QTV. Sayang nga kasi hindi ko napanood ang lahat ng episodes nito. Do you know where to find a CD copy of this? Sana dubbed in Filipino na heheheh

  5. Ang ganda talaga ng super rookie…anyway meron pang mas bagong K-drama C eric…it’s QUE SERA SERA…nag-hit din to’ sa korea even in thailand,singapore and japan…mas good-looking si ERIC sa QSS

  6. ganda nga ng super rookie. it shows na hindi mo tlga need na maging matalino para mag-succeed. its about how you deal with your co-employees and the attitude towards work. nalaman ko nga na may que sera sera sya sa youtube. do u know any plan of making it here in the philippines? thanx for visitng

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