It’s the “x” in her: Anna Theresa Licaros, RP’s bet for 2007 Ms. Universe

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Age: 22
Height: 5′ 9″
Vital stats: 33-25-34
Education: Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Broadcast Communication degree at the University of the Philippines. Incoming junior of UP College of Law.
Interests: mountain climbing, playing scrabble, sudoku, backgammon and mahjong , reading and collecting fairy tales, writing, and Case Digest making.

This is the type of girl every man wants to be with. But with all her strong personality, beauty, intelligence, and serious future plans, isn’t she intimidating?

2007 Bb. Pilipinas candidates in swimsuit with Theresa making the first walk.

She’s a strong contender for the title but she’ll never win unless she do some gimmicks. Lets just wait as the 56th Miss Universe Pageant takes place in Mexico City on May 28.

Read her blog,


1 Comment

  1. she’s definitely a woman of empowerment………….
    being a summa cum laude graduate of the most prestigious university in the philippines is not a bed of roses……………..
    no one could say that she is not a true representation of a filipina…………………
    a true epitome of the present generation……….
    we hope that you could still inspire us………

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