Familiar Face in Philippines’ Next Top Model

Rina Lorilla

She already appeared in various reality TV shows:

ABC 5 and Ideal Mind’s Single (where she was hailed as the Ultimate Single Girl)

Auditioned for the first season of Pinoy Big Brother (unfortunately did not make it as 1 of the housemates)

ABS-CBN’s Close up To Fame 2 (only a finalist but proved her acting skills using “Bahay Kubo” lyrics in her monologue)

Is she gonna be the Philippines’ Next Top Model? Watch her over RPN 9 every Tuesdays, 8:30 pm, hosted by Rufa Gutierrez-Bektas.

There are currently 6 Friendster accounts named after Rina. Don’t know which one is real.



  1. i love you any Philippines’ girl, my contacts emai is shunizoabue@yahoo.com

  2. نیازمندیها ، تبلیغات واگهی رایگان،تبادل لینک

  3. hi
    i want shngle girl.

  4. grabe namang mga foreiger to…mukhang pinay????
    tsk tsk tsk….
    very bad hah???

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