Wanted: Graphic Artists & Designers

Hope this might help those who are in this field. Sorry, but the openings here are just for individuals living in the Philippines.

I find this advertisement in the Classified Ads section of Manila Bulletin last February 18 interesting. Only, the company was not mentioned.

I don’t have a scanner yet so I can’t include its picture. It says “SWEET T-SHIRT, 35 each.” The caption, on the other hand, is PLES paki lay-out. May budget. Para sa mga Graphic Artists at Designers. May alam, nangangapa, medyo marunong o malupit sa lahat o alin man sa Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Freehand, Illustrator, Flash. May lakas ng loob at tibay ng dibdib. Mag-email ng iyong resume. work@goignition.com

If you think it’s not for you, there’s more in Jonas Diego’s The Comic Blurb Classifieds. Goodluck!!!


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  1. I got an even more comprehensive classified ads page here: http://www.jonasdiego.com/?page_id=5

    A market place section here: http://www.jonasdiego.com/?page_id=6

    And an event page here: http://www.jonasdiego.com/?page_id=6

    Thanks for linking. 🙂

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