It’s the “x” in her (conclusion)

Any latest news on Georgina Sandico?
To refresh your memory, she represented the Philippines in the Ms. International pageant as a replacement before she gone showbiz.
Last time I saw her was in GMA 7’s S-Files, crying about the alleged physical abuse she suffered from her ex-boyfriend.



  1. she lives in the US—happily married with 2 beautiful kids!

  2. Thanks for the info Audra. good for her then. how did u know about this?

  3. bcoz audra is her cousin

  4. hello ther i’m the friend of georgina’s sister and i know all about this

  5. hi nicole. any other updates about georgina? hehehe. i jus find her interesting

  6. she lives in chicago usa,she’s more happier now by the way why are you so interested?

  7. if you have any questions just leave me a message

  8. does she have plans of going back to phils or maybe in showbiz? hindi ako stalker ha hehehe. nagtataka lang ako kung bakit nawala na sya

  9. would be she married by any chance to an ALFRED GUERRERO?? with a son by him?

  10. audra, you use the word happily very lightly… let me know if indeed this is the guy–

  11. Francesca…no, she isn’t married to the gentleman you mentioned. “Happily” is ,in fact, an understatement. She, to me, is blissfully married and is also a Mom in bliss. Her daughter is very smart, pretty and talented just like her. I guess when bliss has found you, you won’t think twice about dropping everything and just go. Hope this helps. =)

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